Yield Management

Performance Chart
As with any investment, the car park owner deserves to receive the maximum yield possible.

In many instances we are able to increase revenue levels in excess of 20%.

We do this by matching the forces of supply and demand.

We have a number of variables at our disposal that allow us to generate superior returns.

The benefit of effective yield maximisation translates into improved Earnings Per Share and Net Tangible Asset ratios.

These returns can then be invested to improve the facilities which ultimately enhance customer loyalty.

Building owners can engage the services of ParkRite via:

Lease Contract

By far the most popular form of contract for car park owners. We will undertake, at our cost, the complete management and operation of the car park including the purchase, installation and maintenance of all access control equipment, signage, tickets, insurance, supervision and administration costs. At the end of each month the car park owner will receive a fixed monthly rental. Attractive profit share provisions are provided in the event of future income growth. Our lease contract is a bankable document that can be used to reflect asset appreciation during the tenure of our engagement.

Management Contract

Whilst we do not guarantee a fixed monthly income stream under this form of engagement, we will undertake all management and operating functions associated with the car park. All direct operating costs incurred during our appointment are borne by the car park owner. An incentive fee based on turnover of the car park is also payable.

Joint Venture Agreement

This method of operation provides for direct involvement from the car park owner in the strategic management of the car park. All operating profit (after deducting agreed direct operating expenses) is spilt in direct proportion to the equity held by both parties.


A complete turnkey solution whereby we will Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT) the car park development on behalf of the owner.

PP Partnership

Public/Private/Partnership (PPP) whereby government and private interests merge to provide complete parking solutions for the motoring public.


Our services are provided to developers, project managers and architects at the design stage to ensure delivery of an operational car park that exceeds public expectations. Our experience in maximising operational efficiencies can lead to substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions thus reducing the carbon footprint of the car part.

Our services can be engaged for the operation of the following car parks:

Mixed Commercial
Special Events
Vacant Development Sites

We guarantee that you will benefit from our knowledge and experience in:

Effective Yield Management
Quality Operations With Superior Back Office Support
Creative Marketing
Fit for Purpose Technology
Robust Audit procedures