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A car park can no longer be viewed as a cost centre within facility management services like security, cleaning and maintenance. The car park is a revenue centre that when managed properly can add considerable capital appreciation to a commercial investment’s overall value.

Improved financial returns not only equate to improvements in the net worth of the car park but also provide the owner with improved cash flows which can be reinvested to improve customer service levels.

For far too long, the importance of a car park to the success of the overall commercial development has been overlooked. A car park is the “front door” to your business. It is the first and last opportunity to leave a positive impression with visitors and tenants alike.

A clean, safe and well lit car park with efficient traffic flows and easy identification of available parking bays always rates very highly with the motoring public.

A long held misconception is that parking rates determine the success of a commercial building. Whilst parking rates are one of many considerations in the decision making process, it is by no means the single most important consideration. Parkers are “destination driven”. This means they do not decide to visit a car park purely based on rates. The motorist first decides which commercial centre, office building, shopping centre or similar building they intend to interact with and upon arriving expects to find available parking within the immediate vicinity.

As with the motoring public in USA, Europe and Australia - price is not the most important consideration.