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All professional parking operators are judged on the level of Intellectual Property they possess and can employ to ensure the owner’s interests are best served. As with all service industries, Intellectual Property is amassed over a number of years based on experience and exposure to a number of different operating environments.

ParkRite is, undoubtedly, the leader in this field. Our experience, spanning over 30 years in the following environments ensures that you benefit from our full knowledge:


A professional parking operator can be likened to a professional hotel operator. Like a professional hotel operator, we offer the public a number of products (pricing options) that need to be continually analysed and monitored to ensure accurate accounting and profit maximisation.

The engagement of a professional parking operator also acts as a buffer between the motoring public and the car park owner.
When considering the selection of a parking operator, the owner must decide on whether they wish to engage a premium operator or a backpacker to manage their investment.