Have you ever entered a car park that was so badly designed that you have vowed never to return to the building?

Unfortunately the car park is often viewed as a facilities service and usually receives the least attention in the overall design of any commercial development.

This lack of attention to design is largely attributable to the misconception that the car park is an added building cost that represents a negative financial return to investors.

Consider this:

  • The car park is viewed as the “Front Door” to your development. It provides the first and last experience for your customers. It is part of the whole “retail experience”. A car park that is well designed, brightly it, well automated, provides clear signage at critical decision points with a well thought out and efficient traffic flow will always provide customer satisfaction. This will lead to repeat patronage which in turn is good business for your tenants!

  • A well designed car park can lead to considerable energy savings in electricity for lighting and ventilation. This is good news for the owner!

  • An efficiently designed car park can reduce your “carbon footprint” Unnecessary delays at entry/exit points and extended internal circulation looking for available space is reduced. This is good news for the environment!

With over 30 years’ experience in the management and operation of car parks in 9 countries, Parkrite is able to bring a wealth of consultancy advice in the design and operation of any car park.

The earlier our services are engaged the more your development, tenants and customers will benefit. The earlier we are involved the bigger impact we can have on the overall car park efficiency and design!

We have very flexible pricing options and in some instances will negotiate substantial rebates in the event we are appointed as your car park manager