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Over 40 years of International Parking Management Experience

Yield Management

We understand the value of investing in technology - how it plays a valuable role in generating revenue and when to leverage consumer behaviour.

Car Park is a revenue centre

A car park can no longer be viewed as a cost centre within facility management services like security, cleaning and maintenance. Car parks are essential in our daily commute, which is why we help you generate greater returns with our advanced systems, professional staff and back-office operations. Our services have been engaged by a range of leading industries, from hotels to commercial buildings and even hospitals.

As with every business, these returns be invested to improve the facilities that ultimately enhance customer satisfaction.

Lease Contract
  • Most popular form of contract for car park owners - we help look after the complete management and operation of the car park.
  • This package includes the purchase, installation and maintenance of all access control equipment, signage, tickets, insurance, supervision and administration costs.
  • At the end of each month, the car park owner will receive a fixed monthly rental. Attractive profit share provisions are provided in the event of future income growth.
  • Our lease contract is a bankable document that can be used to reflect asset appreciation during the tenure of our engagement.

Management Contract
  • While a fixed monthly income stream is not guaranteed, we will undertake all management and operating functions associated with the car park.
  • All direct operating costs incurred during our appointment are borne by the car park owner. An incentive fee based on the turnover of the car park is also payable.

  • We provide our expertise to developers, project managers and architects at the design stage to ensure delivery of an operational car park that exceeds public expectations. Our experience in enhancing operation efficiency has led to substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprints.


Over 40 years of International Parking Management Experience


Used by some of Malaysia’s most respected corporate organisations, our technology represents our commitment in providing the best car park management systems.

We provide state-of-the-art-technology

to ensure the successful overall management of car parks while recommending the best systems for your organisation to maximise cost and efficiency.

Through our services, we can enhance your car park operations with our advanced control centre and provide real-time support for our customers.

ParkRite Active Assist

Our 24/7 control centre monitors all our sites and is always on standby to assist our customers through live feed of CCTV and intercom.

Traffic Analytics

With the latest technology available, we are able to constantly monitor the car park utilisation, traffic volumes, key statistics and equipment status.

Entry/Exit Readers and Gates

Helps to increase the security of the car park as well as adding a layer of control over the accessibility of the car park.

Central Payment Stations

Linked to our remote monitoring system, it enhances customer service levels, provides increased accountability and minimises revenue leakage.

Traffic Guidance Systems

A vast array of traffic guidance systems to guide customers to the nearest available parking space and reduce greenhouse gas emission.

Automatic Valet Recall

Customer vehicles are retrieved via an electronic kiosk located in the foyer and linked to our onsite valet operations room.

Dynamic Signage

Parkers will be redirected to the nearest available parking space more efficiently and reduce the time in searching for parking.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition provides enhanced security and ease of customer access.


Radio Frequency ID provides an alternative to locations where ANPR may not be suitable.


Over 40 years of International Parking Management Experience

Intellectual Property

All professional parking operators are judged on the level of Intellectual Property they possess and can employ to ensure the owner’s interests are best served. As with all service industries, Intellectual Property is amassed over a number of years based on experience and exposure to a number of different operating environments.

“ParkRite is, undoubtedly,
the leader in this field.”

Our experience, spanning over 30 years in the following environments ensures that you benefit from our full knowledge:

A professional parking operator can be likened to a professional hotel operator. Like a professional hotel operator, we offer the public a number of products (pricing options) that need to be continually analysed and monitored to ensure accurate accounting and profit maximisation.

The engagement of a professional parking operator also acts as a buffer between the motoring public and the car park owner.

When considering the selection of a parking operator, the owner must decide on whether they wish to engage a professional operator or a backpacker to manage their investment.


Over 40 years of International Parking Management Experience

Customer Service

At ParkRite, we believe in providing excellent customer support to maintain the trust and loyalty of our users. To earn that trust and support, we have made substantial investments in the latest technology to deliver Parkrite Active Assist to our customers.

Customer experience is very important for a wholesome parking experience.

At ParkRite, we firmly believe that parking is the place where first and last impressions were made. To ensure high level of customer experience, our parking sites are manned by professionally trained staff who are always on standby to assist customers on parking related matters.

We have also invested heavily in creating ParkRite Active Assist, which is a 24/7 centralised control centre that oversees all our parking sites. Our Customer Service Officer will be able to provide online and remote assistance to our customers regardless of where they are via live feed of CCTV and intercom.


Over 40 years of International Parking Management Experience


An essential part of your daily commute, car park facilities should be intuitive and easy to navigate.

Modern car parks are more than just storage areas for cars. Often overlooked as an additional building cost, we challenge the norm by viewing car parks as presenting the best “first impression” that customers will experience when entering the building.

Our experience in designing car parks comes from 30 years in 9 different countries, and our industry knowledge and experience brings a wealth of consultancy advice to the design and operations of any carpark.

We design car parks that are easy-to-navigate, brightly lit, automated as well as having clear signages and efficient traffic flow.

This in turn:

  • Leads to Considerable Energy Savings in Electricity (Lighting & Ventilation)
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint
  • Leads to greater customer satisfaction.

The earlier our services are engaged, the bigger the impact we can bring to your development. We have flexible pricing options to which are negotiable with substantial rebates should Park Rite be appointed as your carpark manager.


“Come join us and take the opportunity to excel as a team, and as an individual”

Our employees are our most valuable assets. These outstanding individuals are steering us towards our goal of becoming the preferred Malaysian car park solutions provider.

Undergraduate Programme

We are looking for undergraduates studying any discipline related to the services industry.

With the sheer complexity and diversity of our operations in the industry, The Undergraduate Programme is ideal for undergraduates to test their abilities on genuine business challenges and to be exposed to real work responsibilities.

The Program

This program is designed for undergraduates in any area related to car park management industry. A letter of recommendation from the universities is required.


  • Open to all Malaysian Students
  • Ability to converse in English and Malay
  • Confident team-working abilities
  • Excellent interpersonal and analytical skill
  • Students with CGPA 3.0 & above
  • Attachment period between 4 to 6 months


  • Internship allowance
  • Hands on experience on related project and business environment

“ParkRite was founded by
our CEO Michael Duff,
a seasoned veteran in the
international parking industry.”

Michael was responsible for introducing the concept of professional car park management in South East Asia in the early 1980's.

In the early 1990’s, he founded the Metro Parking Group, which under his stewardship became the largest parking operator in South East Asia. Within a short span of 7 years, Metro Parking became the leading parking company in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Philippines. In the 2000’s, Michael returned to Australia where he oversaw the international portfolios of Australia’s two largest parking companies.

The need to elevate the level of professionalism and introduce contemporary business systems to the local parking industry was the precursor for his recent return to Malaysia.

Michael C. Duff

CEO and Founder

Without doubt the most experienced parking professional in the Asia-Pacific region.

Having joined the professional parking industry in 1981 he has served in the following roles:

  • MD Wilson Parking (M) Sdn Bhd
  • MD Wilson Parking (S) Pte Ltd
  • MD Wilson Parking SEA
  • CEO and Founder of Metro Parking Group
  • CEO Wilson Parking International
  • GM International Secure Parking
  • CEO and Founder of Parkrite Sdn Bhd


ParkRite is not a “me too” operator. We do not simply provide labour and collect parking fees. We offer the benefit of 30 years international parking knowledge and experience. We specialize in effective yield management, fit for purpose technologies and quality service delivery. We view the car park as the “front door” to your business and as such it should be presented and operated in the best possible manner.

Yield Management is the ability to efficiently monitor, analyse and manage a number of variable elements at our disposal to maximise returns for the owner. This is where our Intellectual Property, based on experience and knowledge comes into play. We have never come across a car park where we haven't been able to substantially increase its present return.

No, that is a common misconception. Parkers are “destination” driven, meaning they will park closest to where they have business to conduct. That is the determining factor - not parking rates. A responsible parking operator will not implement ridiculous parking rates. We manage the forces of supply and demand and adjust prices according to the market. If we drive away customers, we will be the first to suffer as we are committed to paying a guaranteed rental to the owner. In fact, if we can increase yields for the owners, they can reinvest those funds in the enhanced security, lighting and cleanliness of the car park. These are more important considerations for the majority of parkers.

Many Malaysian property owners still view the car park as a cost centre. In the US, Europe and Australia, the car park is viewed as a revenue centre. This perception differs due to the wide variance in yield generated when compared to many overseas countries.

We have decided from the outset that we do not want to be a “me too” operator. We seek clients who share our vision of the industry. We also believe that you get what you pay for. If you want the cheapest service, you will get the cheapest quality. It's the same when selecting any other goods and services. You can't expect to drink champagne on a beer budget. We believe we should be rewarded fairly for our ability to maximise owners' returns. Just like premium hotel operators, we believe our service attracts a fair price. We will never compromise quality and service over price.

We realise that not everyone will share our vision. We intend to direct our activities to asset owners who appreciate effective yield management. The increase in returns that we can generate for the owner far outweigh the cost of our appointment. In time, we hope that our services will be sought on a preferred operator basis.

That is just the beginning. There are many back office support functions that are more important than the installation of access control equipment. For example, robust accounting and audit procedures, remote operations monitoring, staff training, market analysis and industry trends, implementing effective yield management strategies, creative marketing among others. We are able to provide all of these services and spread the cost due to our economies of scale.

This all depends on the type of the facility, size of the car park and the complexity of design. We have no preference in equipment vendors and, would only recommend and install based on the solution being “fit for purpose.” Within the arsenal of technology available today, there exists a myriad of different system solutions. It is important to select the right equipment for the job. It is not a matter of purchasing the most expensive and technologically advanced system as most people would only use 20% of the system's capabilities. The same with a kitchen - there is no point buying the most expensive kitchenware if you don't know how to cook.

A car park that is well managed, clean, brightly lit, has good security, provides ease of navigation and sufficient supply of parking will enhance the asset to which it is attached to. Historically, the car park has been viewed as a cost centre located in the “bowels” of the building. That's why today there are so many badly managed, inefficiently designed, unclean and unsafe car parks. Remember the car park is the “front door” to your business and, is the first and last chance to leave a positive impression upon your customers.

Nothing is provided free of charge. If something is advertised as free it's because the cost has been recovered and paid for elsewhere. This is the premise upon which the “user pays” concept is predicated. Likewise, the actual cost of discounted or free parking is recovered elsewhere. We do not believe the owner should subsidise or pick up the cost of such schemes. We believe in accurately accounting for every dollar generated within the car park. Such schemes can be accommodated by way of validations, promotions and so forth. However, the cost should be tabulated and recovered from the party or parties requesting such schemes.

The local industry has seen a number of inexperienced operators flourish over the years. We believe the abundance of parking that has been (and still is being) constructed as a result of current building codes - together with low parking fees, illegal parking, lack of enforcement and increase in passenger vehicle registrations have contributed to the congestion and virtual gridlock experienced during peak hours on Kuala Lumpur roads. This in turn represents a substantial drain on economic productivity due to lost time spent in traffic jams. Parking rates, public transport and effective traffic enforcement could do much to alleviate the current situation and associated frustration of the motoring public.

We generally require security of tenure via Lease, Management, JV, BOOT and PPP schemes. We always seek to enter into long term arrangements with our clients. All of our agreements are based on a “win-win” formula that works for both the owner and the operator.

Owner operated car parks are not, in our opinion, managed but merely operated to facilitate the collection of parking revenue. There is no proactive initiative undertaken to maximise yields and operating efficiency. Most owner operated car parks are not maximising their returns on their investment and, in a lot of cases, suffer substantial revenue leakage. Our services allow the owner to concentrate on their core business activities whilst we professionally manage their parking assets.

Our state of the art operations Control Centre elevates customer service levels and equipment maintenance response times to a new level. Our support team of accounting and audit staff, combined with our continual analysis of trends and variances allow us to account for every ticket issued. In our experience, we have witnessed massive revenue leakages even from experienced parking operators due to poor understanding of the industry and weak internal control systems.

Our Partners

Our business partners represent some of Malaysia’s most respected corporate names. We are undergoing an unprecedented growth phase so additional business partners will continually be updated on this page.

To see your corporate details here please contact us on Tel: 03-2300 3728

Our Partners

Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur

No.73, Jalan Raja Chulan,
Kuala Lumpur 50200
Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur
No. of Bays
Five Hundred (500) Self Park Bays.
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Our Partners

Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur

No.73, Jalan Raja Chulan,
Kuala Lumpur 50200
Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur
No. of Bays
Five Hundred (500) Self Park Bays.
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Our Partners

Menara OBYU, Damansara Perdana

Menara OBYU (Point 92)
No. 4, Jalan PJU 8/8A, Bandar Damansara Perdana
47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
No. of Bays
Four Hundred (400) Self Park Bays.
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Our Partners

Kepong Multi-Storey Car Park

Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 3
Taman Usahawan Kepong
Kuala Lumpur 52100
Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur
No. of Bays
Four Hundred and Eighty (480) Self Park Bays.
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Our Partners

Zenith Corporate Park, Kelana Jaya

No.17, Jalan SS 7/26
Kelana Jaya 47301
Selangor Darul Ehsan
No. of Bays
One Thousand and Six Hundred (1600) Self Park Bays.

Kelana Square

Jalan SS7/26,
47301 Kelana Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
No. of Bays
Two Thousand Four Hundred and Thirty Two (2432) Self Park Bays.
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Our Partners

The Summit Subang USJ

Persiaran Kewajipan USJ 1,
47600 UEP Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
No. of Bays
One Thousand Nine Hundred and Sixty Six (1966) Self Park Bays.
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Our Partners

Garden Office

Jalan PJU 5/1,
Kota Damansara PJU 5,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
No. of Bays
One Thousand Three Hundred (1300) Self Park Bays.
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Our Partners

StarParc Point

Jalan Taman Ibu Kota Setapak,
53300 Kuala Lumpur.
No. of Bays
Three Hundred and Eighty One (381) Car Park Bays.
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Our Partners

Quattro West

No. 4,
Persiaran Barat, Seksyen 52,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Malaysia.
No. of Bays
One Hundred and Twenty Nine (129) Self Park Bays.
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Our Partners

Columbia Asia Hospital

Lot 69, Jalan 13/6,
Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
No. of Bays
One Hundred and Eighty Three (183) Self Park Bays.

Columbia Asia Hospital Cheras

Columbia Asia Hospital Cheras
Lot 33107, Jalan Suakasih
43200 Cheras
Selangor Darul Ehsan
No. of Bays
One Hundred and Seventy Four (174) Car Park Bays.

Columbia Asia Hospital Setapak

Columbia Asia Setapak Hospital
Jalan Genting Kelang, No. 1, Jalan Danau Saujana,
Taman Danau Kota, 53300
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
No. of Bays
One Hundred and Six (106) Car Park Bays.
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Our Partners

Marc Residence

3, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur
No. of Bays
Eight Hundred (800) Self Park Bays.

Zone 1: Level B1A & B1
Zone 2: Level G to L2A
Zone 3: Level B2A to B4

28 BLVD, Pandan Perdana

28 BLVD, No. 28, Jalan Perdana 3/10,
Pandan Perdana, 55300 Kuala Lumpur
No. of Bays
74 bays (Ground Floor) 281 bays (Level 2 )
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Our Partners

Menara Bangkok Bank

Menara Bangkok Bank,
Laman Berjaya Sentral,
105 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
No. of Bays
Six Hundred and Ninety Eight (698) Self Park Bays.
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Our Partners

The Plaza TTDI

Jalan Wan Kadir 3,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
No. of Bays
One Hundred and Sixty Three (163) Commercial Bays.

TTDI Open Site Car Park

Lot 1705 Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3,
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur
No. of Bays
One Hundred and Seventy (170) Self Park Bays.

Laman Seri Business Park

Laman Seri Business Park
No. 1, Seksyen 13
40100, Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan
No. of Bays
One Thousand and Nine (1009) Car Park Bays.

Menara Naza TTDI Shah Alam

Menara Naza TTDI Shah Alam
No.11, Jalan Judo 13/45,
Seksyen 13, 40100 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
No. of Bays
Six Hundred and Sixty (660) Car Park Bays.
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Our Partners

Establishment Bangsar

Menara Teguh (Establishment Bangsar)
58 Jalan Ang Seng,
50470 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur
No. of Bays
Five Hundred and Seventy One (571) Self Park Bays.
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Our Partners


Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC)
Kompleks MITEC No. 8, Jalan Dutamas 2
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
No. of Bays
One Thousand and Four Hundred (1400) Car Park Bays.
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Our Partners


Medini 9, Persiaran Medini Sentral 1,
Bandar Medini Iskandar Malaysia,
79250 Iskandar Puteri, Johor, Malaysia
No. of Bays
Five Hundred and Fity (550) Self Park Bays.
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Our Partners

Menara Hap Seng 1

Menara Hap Seng,
Jalan P. Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
No. of Bays
Two Hundred and Ninety Seven (297) Car Park Bays.

Menara Hap Seng 2

Menara Hap Seng 2, Plaza Hap Seng,
No. 1, Jalan P. Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia
No. of Bays
Five Hundred and Thirty Two (532) Car Park Bays.
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Our Partners

Republik, Epicure Building, Plaza Damansara

Republik, Epicure Building,
Plaza Damansara 1, Jalan Medan Setia 1,
Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
No. of Bays
Ninty Seven (97) Bays (Basement)
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Customer’s Personal Data Protection Policy

    As a car park operator, Park Rite Sdn Bhd (“we”, “us”, “our” and other similar expressions) collects, holds and processes your Personal Data. We respect your privacy rights and have therefore developed this Policy to inform you how we collect, use, distribute and protect your Personal Data.

    For the purpose of this Policy, “Personal Data” shall have the meaning as ascribed to in the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”).

    In order to provide you with services, we may need to collect, hold or process your Personal Data. If you do not wish to provide your Personal Data to us, we may not able to provide the services you request, or to tell you about other services offered by us.

    Your Personal Data are collected from various sources including but not limited to:-

    1. information obtained when you register as a user of car parks operated by us;
    2. information obtained when you visit our website, use our services or become a seasonal parking customer;
    3. information or comments or messages you have provided to us by whatsoever means and/or in whatever manner;
    4. information input submitted to online facilities such as search tools and calculators;
    5. information obtained independently by us from other lawful sources; and
    6. information monitored and recorded by surveillance and monitor systems such as closed circuit television and electronic email address.

    In the course of the services provided by us, we may have collected, held, processed or will collect, hold or process the Personal Data about you may include, amongst others, your name, contact details, address, national registration identity card number or passport number, email address, company details and car registration details. If you are our seasonal parking customer, we may also collect your bank details or details of your employer and employment.

    The list of Personal Data stated above is not exhaustive and may include other personal data depending on the nature of dealings or transaction from time to time.

    We collect Personal Data for the following purposes:
    1. to market our services and to allow us to keep you posted on our latest announcements and upcoming events by sending any updates, new services, special offers, advertising, promotional material and/or commercial material to you;
    2. to provide our services and other services to enhance and support the relationship between you and us;
    3. to identify users of our services, potential users and their representatives;
    4. to develop and implement initiatives to improve our services;
    5. to seek your opinions or comments about our services;
    6. to inform you and others about offers or other benefits (including third party benefits) that may become available;
    7. to carry out our management, administrative, quality assurance and complaint handling activities in a professional and efficient manner;
    8. to conduct consumer and market research;
    9. to follow up or pursue any queries you make;
    10. to enable us to perform functions or obligations as required under the laws, rules, regulations, by laws and/or guidelines (whether or not having the force of law) or as required by any governmental and/or non-governmental authorities, agencies or departments or a third party requires in order to ensure compliance with agreement(s) or document(s);
    11. to enforce our rights pursuant to any letter, agreement and/or document including seeking legal and financial advice, taking any preliminary steps or commencing any legal action; and/or
    12. to make such disclosures as may be required for any of the above purposes or by law; and/or
    13. to implement customer loyalty programmes.

    From time to time, we may use your Personal Data to send important notices, such as communications about your subscriptions and changes to our terms, conditions and policies. As this information is important to your interaction with us, you may not opt out of receiving these communications.

    We may also collect Personal Data for any other purpose permitted, required or authorised by or under law.

    We will not disclose Personal Data to a third party or a supplier that is not a related entity unless:
    1. the disclosure is for a primary purpose for which the information was collected;
    2. the individual concerned has consented to the disclosure;
    3. the third party is our agent, service provider or contractor, in which case we will require them to disclose and to use the Personal Data only for the purpose for which it was disclosed;
    4. the third party is a person involved in a dealing or proposed dealing (including a sale) of all or part of our assets and business;
    5. the third party is a credit reporting agency;
    6. the third party acquires or wishes to acquire, or makes inquiries in relation to acquiring, an interest in us;
    7. the third party requires your Personal Data in order for such third party to perform functions or services as required by us;
    8. the third party requires your Personal Data to perform functions or obligations as required under the laws, rules, regulations, by laws and/or guidelines (whether or not having the force of law) or as required by any governmental and/or non-governmental authorities, agencies or departments or a third party requires in order to ensure compliance with agreement(s) or document(s);
    9. the disclosure is to a related body corporate, supplier or business partner; or
    10. the disclosure is permitted, required or authorised by or under law.
  5. Marketing
    We may use Personal Data to advise the individual concerned of new services and marketing initiatives that we think may be of interest to them. This may include service offerings, newsletters and general information about us or third parties.

    Those who prefer not to receive information about such services can either:

    1. Contact Us (Please refer to Paragraph 13) and ask to be removed from the relevant circulation list; or
    2. Follow the unsubscribe directions in the relevant electronic message. Following unsubscribe, your details will be removed with a 24 hour period.

    Unsubscribing however, will not end transmission of service-related emails from us, such as administrative email alerts in relation to your account settings.

  6. Storage and Retention of Personal Data
    Your Personal Data shall be stored either in hard copies at our offices or stored in the servers located in or outside Malaysia and operated by us or its service and product providers in or outside Malaysia.

    Generally, we will retain your Personal Data for as long as required to provide you the services requested. Any Personal Data supplied by you will be retained by us as long as necessary for the fulfilment of the Purposes stated in Paragraph 3 above or is required to satisfy any legal, regulatory and/or accounting requirements or to protect our interest.

  7. Confidentiality of Personal Data
    Personal Data held by us will be kept confidential in accordance with this Policy pursuant to any applicable law, to include, any amendments, modifications or substitution to it and any subsidiary legislation, guidelines, regulations and similar things made under or in relation to such law that may be enforced from time to time
  8. Security of Personal Data
    Access to Personal Data is limited to those of our personnel who specifically need it to carry out their business responsibilities.

    We will endeavour to take all reasonable steps to keep secure any Personal Data which we hold about you and to protect your Personal Data from loss, misuse or unauthorised alteration. Any Personal Data you provide to us electronically is stored on secure servers. Our employees are obliged to respect the confidentiality of any Personal Data held by us.

    However, if you provide your personal data to us via the internet, we cannot guarantee that your Personal Data is completely secure. So while we strive to protect such Personal Data, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any Personal Data transmitted to us and you do so at your own risk. Once any Personal Data comes into our possession, we will take reasonable steps to protect that information from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

  9. Right of Access to Personal Data
    Under the PDPA, you have the right of access to your Personal Data held by us and may request that we to correct any of your Personal Data that is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date, subject to any applicable legal restrictions and contractual conditions.

    If you have any questions regarding this Policy or if you wish to request access to your Personal Data or if you wish to correct Your Personal Data or if you wish to withdraw your consent to us for processing of your Personal Data for the purposes as set out in paragraph 3 above or for the transfer of your Personal Data to the parties stated in paragraph 4 above, you may Contact Us (please refer to section 13 of this Policy).

    However, where:

    1. the access impacts on the privacy of others;
    2. the request for access is frivolous or vexatious;
    3. there are existing or anticipated legal proceedings; or
    4. such access can be denied under law or by a law enforcement agency,

    we may not be able to provide you with access to the Personal Data we hold about you.

    If we deny your request for access, we will let you know why. We may also charge a fee to cover the reasonable costs we incur in processing your request.

  10. Website & Cookies
    To ensure we are meeting the needs and wants of our website users, and to develop our online services, we may collect aggregated information by using cookies or similar electronic tools.

    Cookies are small amounts of information sent from a web server to your computer. These cookies are used to retain login and location information in order to make your experience more convenient and personal. We do not use cookies to track your internet activity before or after you leave our website. No other company has access to our cookies.

    If you do not wish to receive cookies, please configure your internet browser to erase all cookies from your computer's hard drive, block all cookies or to receive a warning before a cookie is stored.

  11. Changes to our Privacy Policy
    We reserve the right to amend this Policy from time to time without prior notice. We advise that you check this Policy at our website on a regular basis.
  12. Complaint Resolution
    We are committed to constantly improving our procedures so that Personal Data is treated appropriately. If you feel that we have failed to deal with your Personal Data in accordance with this policy, please speak to us so that we have an opportunity to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.
  13. Contact Us
    If you wish to access any Personal Data that we hold about you, or have a query about this policy, please contact us by writing to Season Parking Department, Unit A-12A-13, Block A, Menara UOA Bangsar, No. 5, Jalan Bangsar Utama 1, 59000 Kuala Lumpur or sending an email to or dialing 03-2300 3728.

Terms and Conditions

  1. These Conditions apply from the moment that you drive your vehicle into this car park and apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You also bind the owner of the vehicle you are driving to all these Conditions and warrant your authority to do so.


  1. You agree to the following rules:
    1. You must comply with all rules or directions displayed in the car park from time to time and with all relevant laws.
    2. You must not obstruct other persons or vehicles using the car park.
    3. You must not park in any area marked "RESERVED" or "NO PARKING" or outside of the line-marked parking bays.
    4. You must not park in a mobility bay without a current mobility window pass.
    5. You must not park in a bay over the stipulated parking time.
    6. The vehicle you are parking in this car park must be in safe working order, be roadworthy and be able at all times to be driven under its own power and do not present any danger or risk to other vehicles or persons or the car park.
    7. You must pay on entry or pay upon leaving the carpark in your vehicle.
    8. Lost Ticket will be charged at the rate of RM50 per day.
    9. Parker will have to pay fines upfront in case of disputes and an appeal to be made in writing to Park Rite Sdn. Bhd. via email. Outcomes will be determined only after investigations by Park Rite Sdn. Bhd.
  2. If you contravene clauses 2 (a) to (g) of the above Conditions, you agree that we may apply a wheel clamp to your vehicle and/or remove your vehicle by having it towed at your own risk and expense and we may hold the vehicle until all outstanding debt has been paid. If we apply a wheel clamp to your car or have it towed, you agree that your vehicle will only be released upon payment of the release fee and payment of any outstanding debt. Clamping fee will be charged at RM100.00 per day.


  1. You are liable for any damage to the car park propertiesand vehicles caused by you or your vehicle.
  2. While we shall take all responsible care, we cannot guarantee the security of your vehicle. We accept no liability for any claim by you or any other person, whether for loss or damage to you or any other person, or to your vehicle or any other vehicle, whether resulting from using the car park or being able to use the car park or from your negligence or otherwise.
  3. We accept no liability for any loss or damage to any article left in our custody or control.Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this document, our employees are not authorized to accept any of your possessions for safe custody except for the keys to your vehicle where possession is taken at your request. Further you agree to indemnify us in respect of any claim made against us arising from your use of the car park or use of the car park by anyone else with your authority.


  1. In the event of lost parking ticket or damage to any equipment or property, you must provide us with your full name and address, contact number, car registration number when requested by us.
  2. If we fail to act or pursue any right or remedy available to us this will not in any way prejudice our right to exercise that or any other right or remedy.
  3. No one is authorised to amend these Conditions on our behalf.


  1. To avoid any confusion as to the meaning of these Conditions:
    1. "claim" includes any claim for damage, loss or compensation; and any damage or demand.
    2. "damage" includes direct, indirect, consequential and special damage.
    3. "outstanding debt" includes previous unpaid parking fees and/or unpaid enforcement notices.
    4. "vehicle" includes its accessories and contents.
    5. “Company”, "we" and "us" means Park Rite Sdn. Bhd. and/or includes any of its employees, agents and independent contractors.
    6. "you" includes both the driver and the owner of a vehicle entering this carpark.
    7. "your vehicle" means the vehicle which you are driving, regardless of whether it is owned by you.
    8. "notice" means Parking Enforcement Breach Notice.

  1. Definitions and Interpretation In these Conditions:
    • 1.1 Amount Payable means the Parking Fee, card security deposit, Licence Plate Programming Fees (LPR), administration fee, application fee and/or any other monies payable in accordance with these Conditions;
    • 1.2 Company includes its successors and assigns and, where applicable, its employees, agents and contractors;
    • 1.3 Parker includes each person who parks a vehicle in the car park under these Conditions and, to the extent applicable, each passenger of that vehicle; and
    • 1.4 Access Device means any form of card or identification issued by the Company from time to time including a pass check, access card, parking card, window pass, Licence Plate Recognition (LPR), windscreen token and or sticker, season pass.
    • 1.5 Parking Fee means the parking fee payable to the Company quarterly in advance as described in Clause 2 below.
    • 1.6 Monthly/quarterly parker means the Parkers who pay their Parking Fee monthly/quarterly in advance to the Company.
  2. Parking Fees & Charges
    • 2.1 The Parking Fee is payable to the Company quarterly or monthly in advance or as otherwise advised from time to time. Any other relevant Amount Payable is also payable to the Company in advance or as otherwise advised from time to time.
    • 2.2 The Amount Payable to the Company by the Parker does not include Service Tax (ST) or the Goods and Services Tax (which will come into force on 1 April 2015) which is separately chargeable by the Company and required to be paid by the Parker.
    • 2.3 The Company may vary the Parking Fee or other charges at any time by giving existing Parkers one (1) month's written notice of the variation.
    • 2.4 If any new fee becomes payable in respect of the provision of parking in the car park, the Company may give the existing Parker one (1) month's notice of that fee and at the expiry of that notice period, the Parker must pay the amount of that fee in respect of each vehicle the subject of these Conditions.
    • 2.5 Payment for season parking is calculated on a monthly/quarterly billing cycle as stipulated for each car park and commences on the 1st day of the month to which the billing cycle relates. No pro rata or proportionate allocation of fees will be applied or refunded for any unused portion of the billing cycle, irrespective of when payment is made.
    • 2.6 Failure to renew and make payment before expiry date for all season parkers will result in an administration fee of RM50.00 for deactivation and reactivation of season pass. If you have entered the car park using a parking ticket and subsequently renewed your season parking you will not be allowed to leave the car park using your Access Device without first paying the fee accrued for entering the car park using a parking ticket. No rebates or refund will be provided to you for such payment nor will you have your parking ticket validated for free. Please note that reminders are not obligatory but courtesy and each Season Parker is in charge of their own account/s. We will not take responsibility for Season Parker not receiving any reminder emails either in their email box or junk email box.
    • 2.7 An additional administration fee of RM100.00 for each billing will be imposed for manual season parking payment collection e.g. bank-to-bank transfer, cheque, cash security deposit, telegraphic transfer, or any other methods which do not utilise our selected payment gateways such as IPay88, MEPS FPX or CIMB Clicks.
    • 2.8 An additional one off non-refundable fee of RM50.00 Account Opening Fee will be imposed for processing each card of every new motor vehicle application; RM10.00 will be imposed for processing each card for every new motorcycle application. This one-off account opening fee is for processing the new application, account keeping and cancellation (if any).
    • 2.9 If you do not reactivate your Access Device/Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) due to late payment within two (2) weeks from the expiry date, your account will be terminated and you will need to submit a fresh season parking application to us. A RM50.00 charge will be imposed for Reactivation for every season pass and RM60 for any reprogramming Licence Plate recognition (LPR) fee (non refundable) for any reactivation of your Licence Plate.
    • 2.10 I hereby agree to accept electronic invoice from Park Rite for billing an record keeping purpose. All amount shown on the invoice shall be due and payable as stated.
    • 2.11 For Season Parking applicants, refunds for parking tickets will only be refunded the day after a payment is made irregardless of the Start Date chosen i.e. if Start date is 1st January but payment received on 5th January, then parking tickets will only be refunded from the 6th January onwards until your your parking access card is delivered to our car park Site Office for your collection.

      Please note that if a Season Parker makes payment before the Start Date, there will be no refunds for parking tickets if the season card has already been delivered to the car park site office on or before Start Date and remains uncollected by the parker.

      Note: No refunds for tickets can be proceeded with if the original parking receipts has not been scanned and emailed to us. Original parking receipts with season card number written at the back of the receipts MUST also be handed to our car park site office for any refunds to proceed.
    • 2.12 For Lost/Damaged cards, refunds for parking tickets will only be refunded the day after payment online for a new card has been made until receipt of your new card.
    • 2.13 If the the Season Parker cannot gain entry to the car park for valid reasons whatsoever due to no fault of their own, Park Rite will only reimburse the parker upon production of original receipt up to a maximum of RM10 only subject to evidence being provided by the Season Parker and at the sole discretion of Park Rite Sdn Bhd.
  3. Denial of Access
    • 3.1 Company is entitled to deny the Parker access to the car park if any Amount Payable remains unpaid after the due date.
    • 3.2 If the Parker is found to have violated the conditions of entry and conduct to the car park the Company reserves the right to terminate the parking privileges.
    • 3.3 In the case of multiple cards in a simple account, all cards will be denied access if any amount payable remains unpaid after due date
      For Licence Plate Recognition car parks, if any Amount Payable remains unpaid, Company will not reimburse you the daily charges as your car registration will be blocked and you will only be able to exit by paying the daily hourly rate. No refunds will be given. You will need to reactivate your account immediately by paying the penalties for late payment.
  4. Additional Parking
    • 4.1 These Conditions will apply to any additional parking spaces in the car park provided by the Company to the Parker.
    • 4.2 Any additional parking granted above the agreed permanent allocation will be on temporary basis and may be withdrawn upon receipt of one (1) month’s termination written notice by the Company via email.
  5. Termination
    • 5.1 The season parking may be terminated by either party giving one (1) month's written notice to the other at any time.
    • 5.2 The Company may terminate the season parking of all related accounts of the parker immediately if the Parker is in breach of these Conditions.
    • 5.3 Calculation for balance of refund upon termination is processed upon receipt of the Access Device no later than the last day of the notice period. If the Access Device is not returned on the due date in good condition (e.g. not physically damaged or disfigured in any way), no security deposit will be refunded for the Access Device. Calculation for the balance of unused portion of the season parking (if any) after the one month’s notice will only be calculated from the date of the Access Device is returned to us and verified with our official receipt. No refund or rebate will be provided to any Parker with less than five (5) working days to the termination of their season parking.
    • 5.4 No security deposit will be refunded if the Access Device is returned to the Company after the due date of the termination or non-renewal of the season parking. As in Season Parking Terms & Conditions regarding definitions and interpretation in these Conditions, Access Device means any form of card or identification issued by the Company from time to time including pass check, access card, parking card, window pass, windscreen token and or sticker and season pass that has been issued by the Company to the Season Parker. If the Access card is returned without the sticker, there will be a charge of RM26.50 deducted from the access device deposit amount.
    • 5.5 If a Parker has lost his/her Access Device and has paid for a replacement Access Device, no refund or rebate will be provided to the Parker if he/she subsequently finds or recovers the lost Access Device.
    • 5.6 Any verbal abuse, physical threat or intimidation of any kind or whatsoever to our staff, will result in an immediate termination of season parking.
    • 5.7 Any Season parker found guilty of allowing other parkers use their card to enter or exit the car park are in breach of our Terms & Conditions. The Parker’s account will be terminated immediately and their cards confiscated. There will be no refunds for any unused balance or card deposit. Additionally, depending on the severity and number breaches and violations, the Season Parker may be banned from using the services of the car park.
  6. Bay Allocation
    • 6.1 Unless otherwise agreed by us, the Parker will not have exclusive use of any particular parking bay.
    • 6.2 Each Reserved bay is only meant for one (1) designated Parker only. Other than the designated Parker’s vehicle which is registered with the Company, other vehicles parked in a designated Reserved bay will be wheel clamped and a fine of RM106.00 will be imposed if no prior written notification of a change of the Parker’s vehicle registration number is provided to the Company.
    • 6.3 The Parker with Reserved bay shall not allow other vehicles to park in such Reserved bay except for the Parker’s vehicle which has beenregistered with the Company.
  7. Duties of the Parker
    • 7.1 The Parker must:
      1. Allow the Company access to any part of the car park at any time for the purpose of inspecting it, doing any necessary repairs or for any other purpose specified by the Company;
      2. Observe and conform to all the rules and regulations relating to the use of the car park and issued by the Company from time to time;
      3. Use the car park only during its operating hours as varied from time to time; and
      4. Where the season parking relates to more than one bay, maintain records of the relevant Access Devices and corresponding parker details and make them available to the Company when requested.
      5. Enter the car park only with the Parker’s Access Device. No refund or rebates will be provided or validation of parking ticket will be accepted if the Parker does not enter the car park using the Parker’s Access Device. The Parker must pay for any parking ticket used to enter the car park before being allowed to leave the car park.
      6. No Non Reserve Season Parkers are allowed to park their car in any particular bay after midnight on the day they entered the car park or above the stipulated times of operation. The Season Parker's car will be clamped and fined RM106.00 per day. Only Reserve Parkers can park overnight unless there is a time limit stipulated for reserve parking for certain car parks.
      7. All fines will have to be paid upfront to Park Rite Sdn. Bhd and an appeal by Parker (if any) is to be made via email. Outcomes will be relayed to the Season Parker after investigations have been conducted by Park Rite Sdn. Bhd.
      8. For cashless car parks whereby the mode of entry is via Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) the parker must inform the Company of any change in car registration number and pay the current amount (Reprogramming fee RM60) for the change before any new car registration number can be activated. Failure to do so will not enable the parker to enter or leave the car park. In this case the parker will have to pay the daily rate which is non refundable.
      9. An LPR Season Parker may register more than one car on their account for (LPR) but at any time only one car is allowed to enter or exit the car park.
        If two cars are registered in the individual account of the parker have entered or exited at the same time all car registration numbers will be blocked and an LPR Reprogramming fee of RM60 will apply to reactivate each car.
  8. Security Deposit and Other Initial Payments
    • 8.1 The security deposit must be paid to the Company prior to the commencement date of parking and will be retained by the Company.
    • 8.2 A Non-Refundable amount of RM80.00 is payable for the fabrication of each reserved sign. An additional non-refundable fee of RM35.00 will be payable for each and every subsequent change of the vehicle’s registration number (excluding the initial registration number) for Reserve bay parkers.
  9. Access Devices
    • 9.1 Each Access Device is and remains the property of the Company.
    • 9.2 The Parker will, if not in possession of a valid Access Device/s when entering or leaving the car park, be liable to pay the maximum ordinary daily parking tariff then charged by the Company.
    • 9.3 The Parker must pay the amount RM60.00 to the Company for the replacement of a lost or damaged Access Card device before any new card can be issued. Refund for parking tickets to enter the car park whilst waiting for the new access card device can only be claimed a day after payment is made for the lost/damaged card. A charge of RM26.50 for the each sticker will be charged for any lost or damaged windscreen sticker. Only one windscreen sticker will be provided for each season card holder. Should the parker find and return the lost access device and or sticker at a later date, no refund will be issued when a card/sticker has already been replaced.
    • 9.4 Physically damaged (e.g. warped, dented, bent, ripped, or disfigured in any way) returned Access Device/s will result in forfeiture of RM60.00 card security deposit refund regardless of whether the cards are still functional.
    • 9.5 Any violation or misuse of the season parking card, including illegal passback, will result in either/and cancellation of season parking or a penalty fee of no less than RM60.00 per card per day, charge of which will be determined by the extent of the violation of the Season Parking Card by the card holder. Park Rite Sdn Bhd reserves the right to impose the penalty according to the severity of the breach. If the violation results in cancellation of the Season Pass, no refunds if any will be paid to the Season pass holder for the violation. All Season Card Holders passes are not transferrable and cannot be used for any other person to gain entry or exit to the car park. Season Parker may also be banned from using the services of the car park.
  10. No Safe Custody
    • 10.1 No employee, agent or contractor of the Company has authority to accept any goods for safe custody and the Company will not be liable in any case for any loss of or damage to any article alleged to have been left with the Company or any employee, agent or contractor for safe custody regardless of how that loss or damage is caused.
  11. Alteration of Terms and Conditions
    • 11.1 The Company reserves the sole right to vary these Conditions by adding, altering or deleting any of them without prior notice and it is your responsibility to check on these Conditions on the website which are clearly displayed on
  12. Waiver
    • 12.1 No time or other indulgence granted by the Company to the Parker will constitute a waiver of any of its rights under these Conditions or at law and the Company will not be precluded from exercising any such rights against the Parker.
  13. Relationship
    • 13.1 Nothing in these Conditions create or will be construed as creating any tenancy or conferring any interest upon the Parker by way of lease or otherwise in the car park or any part of it.
  14. Assignment
    • 14.1 The season parking is personal to the Parker and the Parker must not assign any rights or obligations under the season parking without the prior written consent of the Company.
  15. Customer Vehicle Assistance
    • 15.1 If, at the request of the Parker, the Company provides any form of vehicle assistance to the Parker, including but not limited to re-charging the battery of the Parker's vehicle:
      1. The Parker accepts such assistance at the Parker's own risk in all respects; and
      2. If any damage is caused to the Parker's vehicle, the Parker releases and indemnifies the Company from and against any claim which the Parker may otherwise have against the Company in respect of that damage.
  16. Conditions of Entry and Limitation of Liability
    • 16.1 The Conditions of entry and limitation of liability displayed at the entrance to and throughout the car park are incorporated in these Conditions and apply to these Conditions as if they were set out in full.
    • 16.2 In the case of any inconsistency between these Conditions and the Conditions of entry and limitation of liability, these Conditions will prevail.
  17. Miscellaneous
    • 17.1 You confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to the Customer’s Data Protection Policy.
  18. Service of Notices for Bills, Statements, Reminders and any Communication.
    • 18.1 The Company assumes no responsibility for any non-delivery of notices for bills, statements, reminders and/or any communication. All notices for bills, statements, and/or reminders and/or any communication shall be deemed to have been duly delivered in any of the following manners:
      1. By email, by properly inputting the Parker’s email address on record, and noting that the email has been sent out without any delivery failure notification.
      2. The Parker must communicate with the email address which they registered with the Company. The Parker is advised to check his mailbox (including Junk/Spam box) for any emails sent by the Company.
      3. The Parker must immediately notify the Company if there are any changes to their email address.

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