1. What is the difference between ParkRite and other parking operators?
    ParkRite is not a “me too” operator. We do not simply provide labour and collect parking fees. We offer the benefit of 30 years international parking knowledge and experience. We specialize in effective yield management, fit for purpose technologies and quality service delivery. We view the car park as the “front door” to your business and as such it should be presented and operated in the best possible manner.

  2. What do you mean by yield management?
    Yield Management is the ability to efficiently monitor, analyse and manage a number of variable elements at our disposal to maximise returns for the owner. This is where our Intellectual Property, based on experience and knowledge comes into play. I have never come across a car park where I haven't been able to substantially increase its present return.

  3. If car park rates are increased will it drive away customers?
    No, that is a common misconception. Parkers are “destination” driven, meaning they will park closest to where they have business to conduct. That is the determining factor - not parking rates. A responsible parking operator will not implement ridiculous parking rates. We manage the forces of supply and demand and adjust prices according to the market. If we drive away customers, we will be the first to suffer as we are committed to paying a guaranteed rental to the owner. In fact, if we can increase yields for the owners, they can reinvest those funds in the enhanced security, lighting and cleanliness of the car park. These are more important considerations for the majority of parkers.

  4. How do car park owners in Malaysia differ from other countries?
    Many Malaysian property owners still view the car park as a cost centre. In the US, Europe and Australia, the car park is viewed as a revenue centre. This perception differs due to the wide variance in yield generated when compared to many overseas countries.

  5. Why won't you compete on lowest price?
    We have decided from the outset that we do not want to be a “me too” operator. We seek clients who share our vision of the industry. We also believe that you get what you pay for. If you want the cheapest service, you will get the cheapest quality. It's the same when selecting any other goods and services. You can't expect to drink champagne on a beer budget. We believe we should be rewarded fairly for our ability to maximise owners' returns. Just like premium hotel operators, we believe our service attracts a fair price. We will never compromise quality and service over price.

  6. Why would an owner pay a premium?
    We realise that not everyone will share our vision. We intend to direct our activities to asset owners who appreciate effective yield management. The increase in returns that we can generate for the owner far outweigh the cost of our appointment. In time, we hope that our services will be sought on a preferred operator basis.

  7. Isn't operating a car park as simple as installing equipment?
    That is just the beginning. There are many back office support functions that are more important than the installation of access control equipment. For example, robust accounting and audit procedures, remote operations monitoring, staff training, market analysis and industry trends, implementing effective yield management strategies, creative marketing among others. We are able to provide all of these services and spread the cost due to our economies of scale.

  8. What technology do you recommend?
    This all depends on the type of the facility, size of the car park and the complexity of design. We have no preference in equipment vendors and, would only recommend and install based on the solution being “fit for purpose.” Within the arsenal of technology available today, there exists a myriad of different system solutions. It is important to select the right equipment for the job. It is not a matter of purchasing the most expensive and technologically advanced system as most people would only use 20% of the system's capabilities. The same with a kitchen - there is no point buying the most expensive kitchenware if you don't know how to cook.

  9. Why do you consider the car park so important?
    A car park that is well managed, clean, brightly lit, has good security, provides ease of navigation and sufficient supply of parking will enhance the asset to which it is attached to. Historically, the car park has been viewed as a cost centre located in the “bowels” of the building. That's why today there are so many badly managed, inefficiently designed, unclean and unsafe car parks. Remember the car park is the “front door” to your business and, is the first and last chance to leave a positive impression upon your customers.

  10. What do you mean by “User Pays” principle?
    Nothing is provided free of charge. If something is advertised as free it's because the cost has been recovered and paid for elsewhere. This is the premise upon which the “user pays” concept is predicated. Likewise, the actual cost of discounted or free parking is recovered elsewhere. I do not believe the owner should subsidise or pick up the cost of such schemes. I believe in accurately accounting for every dollar generated within the car park. Such schemes can be accommodated by way of validations, promotions and so forth. However, the cost should be tabulated and recovered from the party or parties requesting such schemes.

  11. What is your view on the local industry?
    The local industry has seen a number of inexperienced operators flourish over the years. I believe the abundance of parking that has been (and still is being) constructed as a result of current building codes - together with low parking fees, illegal parking, lack of enforcement and increase in passenger vehicle registrations have contributed to the congestion and virtual gridlock experienced during peak hours on Kuala Lumpur roads. This in turn represents a substantial drain on economic productivity due to lost time spent in traffic jams. Parking rates, public transport and effective traffic enforcement could do much to alleviate the current situation and associated frustration of the motoring public.

  12. What sort of contract do you engage in?
    We generally require security of tenure via Lease, Management, JV, BOOT and PPP schemes. We always seek to enter into long term arrangements with our clients. All of our agreements are based on a “win-win” formula that works for both the owner and the operator.

  13. What can ParkRite do that an owner can't?
    Owner operated car parks are not, in my opinion, managed but merely operated to facilitate the collection of parking revenue. There is no proactive initiative undertaken to maximise yields and operating efficiency. Most owner operated car parks are not maximising their returns on their investment and, in a lot of cases, suffer substantial revenue leakage. Our services allow the owner to concentrate on their core business activities whilst we professionally manage their parking assets.

  14. How important are back office controls?
    Our state of the art operations Control Centre elevates customer service levels and equipment maintenance response times to a new level. Our support team of accounting and audit staff, combined with our continual analysis of trends and variances allow us to account for every ticket issued. In my experience, I have witnessed massive revenue leakages even from experienced parking operators due to poor understanding of the industry and weak internal control systems.