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How to apply for season parking online?

How to apply steps

Check Season Parking Rates

Reserved Parking is limited and subject to availability.
To enquire, please email to
  • Season Parking starts on 1st of every month (regardless Public Holidays).
  • RM50.00 non-refundable Reactivation Fee per access device will be imposed if renewal is done after the expiry date. Please note that reminders are not obligatory but courtesy and each Season Parker is in charge of their own account/s. We will not take responsibility for Season Parker not receiving any reminder emails either in their email box or junk email box.
  • RM40.00 non-refundable fee will be imposed to Reserved parker for each change of Registration Number (excluding initial Registration Number).
  • Additional one off non-refundable fee of RM40.00 will be imposed for Account Keeping for every new Motor Vehicle application; RM10.00 will be imposed for Account Keeping for every new Motorcycle application. This Account Keeping is for services in administering and servicing the individual holder's accounts.
  • One (1) month's written notice required (via email) and access device to be returned on last day of notice to qualify for balance of term and access device deposit.
  • To change email address/car details, lost cards, replacement cards etc, please email to
  • Fee of RM55.00 will be payable for each access device replacement and it is NOT REFUNDABLE should the access device holder find and return the lost access device(s) after a replacement card has been issued.
  • No deposit will be refunded if the Access Device is returned to the Company after the due date of termination or non-renewal of the season parking.
  • For Season Parking Applicants, refunds for parking tickets will only be refunded the day after a new application has been paid online until receipt of your parking card.
  • For Lost/Damaged cards, refunds for parking tickets will only be refunded the day after payment online for a new card has been made until receipt of your new card.

*Help tips:
i) To proceed to apply for season parking online, click "Apply Now!".