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Parkrite undertakes the complete operation of the car park on behalf of the owners.

In most cases our services are engaged on a lease basis.

We pay the owner a fixed monthly rental stream with additional profit share payments in the event of future revenue growth. Our rental payments, in most instances are in excess of 20% above the existing yield.

We purchase and install the latest access control equipment at our expense. All equipment is connected to our ParkRite Active Assist remote monitoring facility.

We employ smartly attired and well trained supervisory staff and pay for all direct operating costs attributable to our operation.

Apart from undertaking all daily operational functions of the car park we act as a buffer between the owner and the car park users.

Our international experience in the parking industry allows us to maximise the car park yield using a number of variables at our disposal.

Our lease agreement is a bankable document that can be used for valuation purposes in the event of the sale of the car park or additional financing for the owner if required.