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Malaysia has an abundance of "me too" operators, with very limited knowledge and experience of the car park industry. Most compete on the lowest price model, which is effectively a "race to the bottom": often with very limited quality and customer service considerations. This model has left the local industry in a state of stagnation, if not decline - further adding strength to the local perception that parking operators are no more than "jaga kereta's". This "race to the bottom", pricing model has brought about serious erosion in the level of sophistication, quality of operations and customer service.

It is impossible to assess the "qualitative" benefits of an experienced, knowledgeable, professional parking operator via tender using price as the determinant. Professional car park management is not a one-off supply of goods or services that can be determined on the basis of lowest price wins. The relationship between the car park operator and owner is a long term one based on confidence in the car park operators' ability to deliver quality service and maximum yield.

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Many of today's parking operators offer no more than the provision of labour to enable a revenue collection service. Parking is a knowledge-based service industry that demands the delivery of quality operations, robust audit procedures and the requisite knowledge and experience to ensure effective yield management on behalf of the car park owner.

The inability to "value add" by many, so called professional parking operators has seen many building owners bring their car park operations "in-house".

Yield Management is the single most important service provided by a parking operator to an owner and, one that clearly defines the professional ability of the operator. Regrettably this concept is totally alien to the local parking industry.

It is also equally impossible to receive the full benefits of a professional parking operator if they are hampered in their ability to deliver these services due to contract constraints.

The old adage that "You get what you pay for" applies here as well. Restrictive or unrealistic financial terms imposed on the operator without any means to generate a reasonable return may lead to a compromise in quality and substantial loss of revenue. In the long run, a non-competitive contract with no incentive for the operator to perform will ultimately cost the owner far more financially in the long term.

The motoring public is becoming more critical of diminishing service levels within a parking operation. Without any improvement in service levels, this will ultimately impact the overall value of the asset.

In this day and age, it is impossible to expect to travel first class if you are only prepared to pay for an off-peak economy ticket. This applies to any service industry.

ParkRite was created to work within a niche market of car park owners that share our vision of quality in the delivery of all aspects of parking.

We understand that our vision may not be shared by all car park owners. However, as the market matures and perceptions change, we hope that more owners will share our vision and seek out our services. Part of our vision requires a "Win - Win" long term relationship with our clients.